The Lord is Close (Part 1)

Psalm 34 18

The sad little girl sat beside the towering walnut tree and listened to the wind blowing against the leaves and making the boughs crack and creak. She dug into the dry dirt at the base of the trunk with a stick and traced some letters there. ALONE. That is how she felt. All the time.

A warm tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away smearing mud across it. She could feel the rough bark from the tree biting into her skin and she didn’t care as she leaned harder against it. At least she could feel something, even if it hurt.

She leaned her head back against the tree and stared into the purposeful movement over her. The limbs moved to and fro and the leaves were an ocean of sound. She stared harder into the solid white sky so thick with clouds that you couldn’t separate one from the other.

“God,” she said in a whisper. “If you’re listening,” and she quickly added, “I know you are. I believe you are. Please make this right. You know what is wrong. You know every thought in my heart. You know I love you. Please make this right.”

And the warm tears began to flow harder until she had to look down because of the sobbing and bury her head on her knees.

To be continued…