Be Yourself

I am a bit of a baby in the world of writing and publishing but I may still have something to contribute to other writers who are further behind me in the journey.  Somebody asked me the other day if I was worried about putting things about my faith on my website.  I asked them to clarify their question and they said that it might offend some people and make them not want to read my books. At the time, I asked them if they would give me some time to think it over before responding.  I would like to respond now.

No. I don’t worry about someone not wanting to read my books because they find out that I am a Christian. There are many different religions in the world but I am a Christian. My faith does define me. We must all answer to our own God. No matter what I share with you, it will not appeal to everyone.  I might as well be honest about who I am.  What good does it serve to do otherwise?  I am not specifically writing Christian books (most of the time) but the books that I am writing are being written by a Christian.  If I were a Buddhist, you would most likely see some flavor of that in my writing.  It is hard to disguise your true personality when you write.  Words create fissures in the walls of the soul.

One of my favorite quotes (not verbatim) is by C.S. Lewis:
“The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.”