Easter Bunny Goes Digital?

What would you rather find in your basket tomorrow morning? A print book or a gift card for an eBook? My kids (and over half of them are grown) would say neither…they would say CANDY! As well it should be, but as for me, I would agree with them that candy is necessary but a print book would be very welcome too! We have had this conversation in our family many times. We have a lot of books in our house, in fact, we have a room that is our library. We also have a lot of ways to read digital text. Four Kindles, two tablets, several computers and sometimes we read on our smartphones even. There are so many different ways to read nowadays. With low vision being an issue in our family, we turn to reading text digitally often because it is so easy to enlarge the text. I love holding a print book in my hands. I like the way it feels and the way it smells. I know that is dorky but I admit it. Many times, though, I will begin reading a print book but it hurts my eyes and so I go and download the digital format to finish it. I still like the idea of owning the print copy though. The best way to explain it is: It is a lot like having a picture of a family member hanging on my wall. It just makes me happy. How about you? Print or digital?

Happy Easter everyone! May you enjoy this blessed time to spend with your family and to celebrate our new birth through Jesus Christ. We always say that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday; well Easter is everybody’s birthday!

Easter 2015


  • In this fast paced world and digital age, I TOTALLY prefer an actual physical copy of a book. We have a couple of Kindle Fire tablets, iPhones, and an iPad with oodles of digital books to read on the go. My family prefers digital overall, however, I still cling on to the hard copies. I’m.the same way with newspapers.

  • shelia Shackelford

    I like digital books,but it is good to have paper books.Your blog is great

  • Chris

    I think that digital books are replacing physical text for practical purposes because of their obvious benefits with storage and availability. But for those people who think that print books will eventually disappear, you only need to consider sentiments like these.

  • Martha Rodriguez

    I love print books! I love to see them, hold them, just to have them. I like the fact that they are permanent, and that changing technology can’t prevent me from opening them or cause me to lose them. I have a few old books, and my daughter says, “Mom, you have books everywhere!” I try to get my favorite books in hardback, like Christy by Cathering Marshall, Gone with the Wind, Scarlett, Jane Eyre, and Cheaper by the Dozen. I hope one of my grandchildren will want to continue my tradition when I am gone. I Love Books!

    • DJ

      Me too! I started to say “Totally!” but then I thought I might sound like a “valley girl.” I wonder if anyone even knows what that is any longer? lol Times are changing though and I am glad we have digital books now. But “they will have to pry my print books out of my..” Well, you know the rest! 🙂