A Day in “My” Writing Life

A little boy asked me the other day if I just sat around writing all day long. I smiled and said, “I wish.”

I got to thinking about how I am spending my time though and thought it would be useful to me and maybe interesting to someone else, how I actually am spending my time. Writing is my work but it is NOT my job. Mainly because I don’t make enough money at it yet to call it a job. (smile) I do work at it though. Some days more than others. I do have two other jobs also. I am a domestic engineer (you can call it housewife but since I organize all of the cleaning, maintenance and bill paying…I think it deserves more) and I am a private tutor for my daughter who I am currently homeschooling through middle school. Both of those jobs take up a LOT of my time but I consider it time well spent. And if I think back to last year when I was working full time outside the home, our lives are SO much better because I am here. Last year, my husband and I would both come home exhausted and still have to do all the stuff that I am doing now and we didn’t spend nearly as much time with the kids…someone else was getting that quality time. I have no regrets! So anyway…here is my schedule from yesterday and please keep in mind that every day is a little different around here. lol

I got up about 5:45 and had coffee with my husband. I saw my husband and son off to school at about 6:45. I then woke up my daughter and she and I both began taking showers. I put a load of laundry in before going downstairs. I then cleaned and fed my parakeets. I used my cordless vacuum and vacuumed all of the downstairs floors where needed. I bagged up the trash and washed the dishes. I swept my dog’s sunroom out and gave him a treat. I filled up my daily water jug and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. I then sat down and scanned in two checks for an online deposit with my bank. My parakeets started flopping their wings which is their signal to open the door. They wanted to fly around my office and get some exercise. I closed my office doors so they couldn’t escape and let them fly around while I finished my oatmeal. My daughter asked me for permission to go upstairs to use her computer for her homework and I asked her why. She showed me that she needed to translate something into several different languages for her creative writing assignment so I gave her my blessing and made my second cup of coffee. It was then 9:00 a.m. I spent an hour working on my current project which is another picture book which I wrote last year. My illustrator sent me the pictures that she drew and I had to finish scanning them in and then clean the edges up in the Paint program. I found a template that I had used before and started putting the text and images into the template. At about 10:00 a.m. my husband called me and asked me if I had remembered to make a shopping list. I admitted that I hadn’t and worked on that for about 30 minutes. I worked on my picture book project again from 10:30 to 11:30. At 11:30, my daughter and I got ready to go pick up her brother from school. We chatted about school and projects and fixed our hair and put our shoes on, etc. We left to pick up her brother at 11:50. We made it back home at around 12:30. The kids took their lunch break. I had a smoothie and kept working on the picture book. From 2:00 until 3:30, my daughter and I went over her school work and I asked her questions to check her comprehension and gave her a couple of quizzes. I took a short break and then continued working until 6 p.m. I worked for at least another hour after supper. So, if I did the math right, I worked for about 6.5 hours on my current project. That was a good day. Some days there are appointments or art lessons or big school projects or doctor appointments, etc. that slow me down. Most of the time, I don’t work that late also. I just happened to be on a roll. So that’s it in a nutshell…it’s a good life and I am happy with it! Maybe tomorrow I will just sit around and write all day?  🙂