Name the Little Girl

Is anyone interested in helping me name the main character in my web serial (Short Story: The Lord is Close)? I haven’t written the ending yet but I plan to name the little girl and wrap up the story  with next week’s episode, Part 10.  I thought it might be fun to offer a little challenge also.  I mentioned earlier that there was a plot hole near the beginning of the story.  It is just a tiny plot hole but it occurs in Part 3 and Part 4.  I haven’t told a single person what this plot hole is and so far no one has told me that they found it.

I would welcome all suggestions for the little girl’s name.  It can be your name, someone else’s name or just any name you think would work.  However, the first person to find the plot hole in the story, gets first pick for the name they choose.  If no one finds it, then I will put the names in a hat and draw one out randomly from those suggested. Want to play?  🙂

Note:  A plot hole is a mistake or missing element in the plot of a story.