Dear World


Dear World

by DJ Miller


I know that you think you are the only victim,

but it is not true.

You hurt me as much as I hurt you, maybe even more.

You were selfish, angry, and bitter, and I learned from you.

You judged me and you kicked me while I was down.

You left me alone and you laughed at my pain.

You made certain that I would not,

that I could not, trust you again.

You were my family, you were my friend,

you were my love, you were a stranger,

someone I just met, you lived next door,

you were in my class at school,

you went to church with me, you worked with me.

I’ll stay away from you now because you have caused me pain.

I’ll be with those who haven’t hurt me as much.

It’s easier.

I only know them less.

They have hurt others.

When this is said and done,

what will I have to show for it?

My scars? My regrets? How careful I have become?

No, I will forgive you, regardless of the pain you have caused me.

I see you more clearly now.

As if someone wiped the fog that was obscuring the mirror,

I see you now.

I forgive you for your failings.

I must.

And now I can remember your joys, your laughter, and your smile, the way you hold the newborn babe and cling for safety to your love.

You smell the sweet flowers and admire the sunset as if you are real.

You are the monster that I thought you were, and I only knew you less.