Rearview Mirror


Rearview Mirror at the University of South Carolina

By DJ Miller

Cross the narrow bridge over the Congaree and don’t forget to hold your breath,

Bull Street, Assembly, how do you say Gervais, and which street was your dorm on again?

Loaded down with boxes, water bottles, new bed covers, toilet paper and laptop computer,

Where am I supposed to park, does anyone have any change for the meter?

Let’s do lunch, Sonic or IHOP, or the Wendy’s, it’s real close.

Hugs and more hugs and I have to keep it together but it’s so much trouble letting go.

Waving goodbye and he has already turned around and gone inside to start a new life.

Can’t stop looking in the rearview mirror, wondering where the time went,

When did he grow up, I thought I was watching.

Tears fall on the streets as I leave him in her arms…Columbia, oh Columbia…I will see you again soon.