The Toe Nibblers

The Toe Nibblers

by DJ Miller

I’m trying to focus,
And write something picturesque,
But I just felt a nibble,
Under my desk.

I pull up my toes,
And press them in unity,
Trying to create,
A safe toe community.

I pull closer still,
But under me stirs,
The horror oh horror,
The toe nibblers.

Then nip! goes again,
On my littlest toe,
I quickly hide that foot,
Hoping it won’t show!

Then nip! on the bottom foot,
And on goes the chase,
I must write my story,
I must hold my place.

I quickly remember,
The best line of defense,
Are two little socks,
All cuddly; no nonsense.

I put on the armor,
And instantly they’re banished,
And all of the nippers,
Have up and vanished!