Owls in the Attic – Coming Soon!

Owls in the Attic – that’s the name for the next book in the “Secret Animal Agent” series. I promised a few young people that I would write the sequel and I just finished it this week!  Now I am going through many, many edits of the book before I start giving it to other people to edit, such as my husband and mother-in-law. My husband has a Ph.D. and some serious editing skills from grading college student papers and my mother-in-law is a former English teacher and high school librarian….need I say more? After they finish with it, I will be looking for a few dedicated beta readers. Let me know if you are interested!

I will also be looking at some cover designs this week and trying to get this project launched as quickly as possible. You, my blog followers, will be the first to know when the book is available for purchase. Thank you all for keeping up with me. You may be the only people who know that I am alive…or haven’t you heard? I was voted least important person on the planet recently!  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little; That’s what writers do, though. I dropped off Facebook before Christmas and now, no one knows if I am alive. At least, that’s what it seems like.

When I tried to remember what my life was like before Facebook: no constant status updates from people I knew thirty years ago, no opportunities to post a picture of my morning coffee so everyone could see, no new misspelled memes to cringe over, no more random inspirational Bible verses from people that would sooner slap you than apologize, and quite a bit of extra free time. It was really amazing how much time Facebook was sucking out of my life. I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me before. Plus, my stress levels have really lowered. That’s probably a benefit to me, especially because I’m actually an introvert and being around lots of people constantly (even if it’s digitally) makes me tired. If you are an extrovert, a shot of Facebook might be like having a shot of espresso. I don’t know, I can’t relate.

Sure I miss some stuff, but I have found new ways to get that information that aren’t part of the Facebook time-sucking whirlpool. And people who really care about me, and when I say that I am referring to a very, very tiny portion of my friends on Facebook, have managed to find ways to stay in contact with me. It feels nice when they reach out to me, as if they are meaning to have a conversation with me, not just display their celebrity status to everyone. Now, I’m not guaranteeing that I will stay off Facebook forever, but for the time being, I am actually very happy to be disconnected and so my status will remain “deactivated.” If you want to talk to me, and I hope you do, email me or call me. I’d love to have a conversation with you about you and your life and me and my life. Nobody else needs to listen in.

However, the caveat is that I do realize how helpful Facebook can be in selling books. Although I don’t want to get pulled back into the Facebook pond if I can help it because it is too much for me right now, I might beg for some of you brave souls/extroverts who are flourishing on Facebook to put a good word in for my up-and-coming book when it is finished. Bless you!  Yeah, I know you didn’t sneeze. I was just trying to say thank you, Southern style. Have a wonderful weekend!


  • I totally understand the “dropping off the Facebook planet.” Although I am still on there, I have limited my time on there. I will happily advertise for you! Love y’all!

    • DJ

      I appreciate your understanding and your help with advertising! I’m looking forward to reading your next blog post too! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying just a little bit of “winter” down time before the “spring” busy time hits. Love y’all too!

  • I will be glad to promote your book on Facebook. I’m looking forward to reading it. Of course, I’ll want a signed copy. Just let me know how much.