Bekah’s Art

My daughter, Bekah, is an artist. I have invited her to contribute on my WordPress blog but WordPress is taking forever to approve her account so meanwhile, here is the first of many of her drawings. Her favorite thing to do is drawing her own original characters. In this picture you can see Babble who is a fawn ghost from the Victorian era, Marsillus who is a Griffin, and Deerling and Pikachu who are both Pokemon and not original characters. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You can visit Bekah’s YouTube channel where she posts her original animations too.


  • DJ

    I thank you and Bekah thanks you all for the sweet comments and encouragement. I want to clear up any confusion that I may have caused by posting Bekah’s art though. Bekah has not provided art for any of my books. I hold out hope that she will someday and we are even brainstorming about a project together but it hasn’t happened yet! Someday…

  • Awesome job, Bekah! Future illustrator for your mom!

  • Bekah, you are so talented! You are actually amazing as far as I am concerned and it so neat that you do the art for your mom’s books!! Perhaps you have already found your calling.

  • Shelia Shackelford

    So glad to hear that Beckah is doing your art work