Still here! :-)

I’m still here! I know I haven’t posted much on my blog lately but I’ve still been writing. The Owls in the Attic book sales have been great. I have sold more of those books than any of the others so far. I think I have found an audience among elementary students. I even sold some more of the Penguins in the Basement books and a few of the One More Stuffed Animal! picture books. It has been a good spring for book sales.


I wrote another chapter or two in the Seagrass Island Mystery but my editor hasn’t edited them yet and I wasn’t sure if I should post them anyway. I was worrying that since it has been so long since I posted any chapters for the mystery that my readers might not be interested in reading them now. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to have to read to remember what was going on. It has been a while, and I’m really sorry about that. I just lost my momentum with it. I am going to finish it, I’m just not sure how long it is going to take me.


I also did some research on the next book in the “Secret Animal Agent” series. I want to have those thoughts swirling around in my head as I’m getting ready for the next book. Did you know that African giant pouched rats are better at detecting the TNT in landmines than people or dogs? What an interesting fact!  It sounds like these rats might be “Secret Animal Agents!” Hmmmm…


And I have been writing my memoirs, which is important to me. I don’t know if anyone else would or should read them but I just feel like I need to write them. I am contemplating whether I should publish them or not and if I do, whether or not I should use a pen name. I could publish them in a diary format or just simply as memoirs. I had even thought about publishing them in some sort of self-help format as I believe that some of what I have learned could be helpful to others. It is a lot to contemplate but for now, I am just going to continue to write them.


So along with my writing, I have been busy with my family. My husband got a promotion at work, one of my sons is about to graduate from college, my daughter was in the state level of the National Geography Bee, I am trying out a local writing group, next weekend we are adopting two chicks from a local farm for two weeks and these are some of the happy things that have been happening. Life is happening. It’s not always happy and pretty but it’s real life. And that’s good. We are all doing life together. Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of yours. If you want to chat more about writing, life, etc., email me, text me, call me or come see me!  🙂