Making a Difference Through Donations

Who should you donate your money to?  This is always a tough question for me and I probably overthink it much like I do everything but then again, it is important to make a difference and to do it right.

Last year, I heard that there were children staying in our local homeless shelter ( so I called the shelter and asked them how many children were there presently.  They told me it was about half a dozen.  So I purchased some little character backpacks and stuffed them with a character blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste and one of my books and we made a trip to the homeless shelter to deliver them.  We didn’t get to meet the children but we looked around a little and learned a lot about their programs to help people get back on their feet.  It was very enlightening and humbling.

I don’t make very much money selling my books but it gives me great comfort to know that when I do make a sale, it is helping those less fortunate.  As I contemplated, researched and prayed about where to make my first donation this year for the all the profits that I made since January 1, I found myself wanting to help out where the situation is dire.  I was drawn to do research on where I could make the most difference. I used a website called Charity Navigator at to help me find out more about the charities I was interested in.

I discovered a charity here in North Charleston that is passionate about providing safe water for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Water is the most basic of human needs and I can’t imagine not having access to clean water and the problems that would cause.  So I have decided to donate the profits from the first half of this year to Please visit their website to find out how you can help.


  • Clean water is so vital to life and I have read before and actually just a few minutes ago I read again about how our SBC program of PWPL (Pure Water Pure Love) program supplies water filters to missions in places where the need is greatest. Good for you!!

    • DJ

      Yes, and the need is so great that there can’t be too many people trying to help! If only everyone understood that if we all give a little, it will make such a big difference. ((HUGS))