This is How We Homeschool

Our homeschooling adventure continues as we are getting ready for the next school year already. This will be Bekah’s third year homeschooling and we are using primarily the A Beka curriculum. This is the same curriculum that I used for my boys when I homeschooled them and the same curriculum that I used to teach all four of my children how to read. I can attest to the fact that in the elementary and middle school years, it is a very intensive curriculum – lots of practice and lots of work but it pays off.


The first year I homeschooled Bekah was during her 6th grade year and she did all of the traditional 6th grade A Beka courses. She needed a little extra work because she had fallen behind in a few areas such as math and grammar while she was in public school. It only took one year though for her to catch up and last year she completed the seventh and eighth grade curriculum for A Beka in one school year! We decided to keep her in eighth grade this year even though she was ready for ninth grade work because frankly, we did not want her to leave for college a year early. I’ll admit it. So, that said, Bekah is taking all ninth and even one tenth grade course this year during her last official year of middle school. All of her core courses that she takes this year will be added to her high school transcript since they are high school level. When she graduates, she will have more credits than she needs, but she will also be very well prepared for college. She is planning to take AP courses online during her junior and senior years so that she will already have a lot of her college classes completed before she even begins.


This year will be a new adventure for us because we are using A Beka Academy’s teachers which Bekah will watch on her computer every day so that she will get more of a classroom experience with lectures and taking notes. She is viewing the courses as an independent study which means that I am still her teacher. I will be giving her the quizzes and tests, grading them, and turning in her grades to our homeschool accountability association. I really like the idea of doing it this way so that I can keep a closer eye on what and how she is doing.


We are excited about the courses. She is taking ninth grade English which includes grammar, composition, vocabulary, spelling, poetry, and literature. In order to bring this course up to an honors level and offer Bekah the challenge that she needs, she will have additional reading and be doing an analytical essay and a research paper. Her next course will be Algebra I, which will include the strenuous practice materials and selections from an additional textbook, Algebra 1 Honors: Prentice Hall. Ninth grade physical science and tenth grade biology are next on the list and both of these include labs. I have no idea what we will be growing or blowing up this year! Bekah is going to do extensive research projects in both of these science classes regarding the study of the human eye and the study that is currently being done on the hereditary vision problems within our family. Bekah is also taking world geography which includes a map studies component which lasts one semester. She is intending to do a special map project for this class for enrichment. The other semester will be health. She is also taking Spanish I which I am planning to take along with her. I had four semesters of Spanish in college but I figure this will be a good chance for me to brush up on those skills. In addition to all of that, she is voluntarily taking Art Appreciation and Techniques online through Saylor Academy. That is a total of seven credits since the world geography and health are both only half a credit. So here’s her schedule for the 2016-2017 school year:


Honors English I

Honors Algebra I

Honors Physical Science

Honors Biology

Honors World Geography / Health

Spanish I

Art Appreciation and Techniques


It’s going to be a great year academically and we are looking forward to the multitude of events that Bekah will be participating in because of our wonderful support group. On the agenda so far is the PSAT test, spelling bee, geography bee, history bee, state science contest, National History Day competition, art classes and many art contests, Teen Comic Club, and if last year is anything to go by, there will be more gatherings and field trips than we can attend.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about our plans for the new school year. August is coming! Enjoy the rest of the summer!



  • Wow! Good for you and Bekah. She will be so well prepared for college–actually for whatever she does in life. I’ve often thought that if I had it to do over, I would seriously consider home school, although my kids were in a good small school where many teachers displayed Christian values. Bekah is blessed to have a mom like you.

    • DJ

      Thank you, MJ, and your children are blessed as well. My kids have attended public schools, private schools, and homeschool. Each one was a season in our lives in which we made the best choices available to us. That’s all anyone can do. I am blessed to be able to spend this special time with Bekah right now though. These times will never come again. Carpe diem or better yet, Luke 9:62! (HUGS)

  • I have always been a proponent of ability grouping in classrooms and this homeschooling that you are doing seems to be the ultimate for a super smart student-like Bekah-or one who needs lots of extra help. Kudos to both of you and since you already have everything pretty much in place you will be ready to go come mid-August. I know you will have an exciting year!

    • DJ

      Thanks and yes, homeschooling is perfect for the “unique” student. I do think we are almost ready! ((HUGS))

  • Shelia s

    Looks like ya’ll are going to be busy.Praying for you both