How Well Do You Know Your Bible?

I had a desire to learn more about the Bible. That’s how it all began. I’ve read all of the Bible before and I’ve heard the stories in church over and over but I wanted an in-depth knowledge of the Bible.  And it makes sense to me that I should learn more since this is my faith, the single most important thing in my life.  I was actually shocked that I had not come to the realization earlier that I should be doing this.


So I took the “better late than never” approach and started searching for the perfect Bible study materials.  Okay, okay, I know that they don’t really exist, so I was looking for the best Bible study materials that I could find and afford.  After talking to other people and doing research online, I finally settled on one that I thought would meet my needs.  I thought I would share it with you, just in case, you too, suddenly realized that you should spend more time understanding the Bible, the foundation for our Christian faith.  Just in case. Now, I will admit that I have recently started and have only completed about 1/10 of the program but it is interesting so far.  Things I have learned about that I didn’t know before include (but are not limited to):


  1. Pentateuch in Greek means Five Scrolls which is referring to the five books of the law which were written by Moses.
  2. The Scofield Study Bible which is still used by a lot of people, includes a false theory which is the “Gap of Time” theory which states that in Genesis, Chapter 1, between verses 1 and 2, there was a huge gap of time in which in verse 1, God created the earth, ruined it and then he restores it. This gap of time attempts to resolve the conflict between scripture and geology.
  3. If you believe in evolution, then you have to believe that there was death before sin, because evolution says that fossils of living and dying creatures existed before man existed. This contradicts the Bible.


Did you already know about all these things? If so, bravo; I think I still have a lot to learn.  If you would like to study along with me, I will list the resources that I am using below but you could probably just listen to the videos if you wanted a free Bible study.  It really helps me to be able to follow along with the books though.


Free Old Testament Survey Class Taught by Dr. Ed Hindson at Liberty University


There are three books that I bought that go along with this class.  I bought them on Amazon but you might be able to find them in a public library or your church library.

  1. Courageous Faith: Life Lessons from Old Testament Heroes Hardcover – Unabridged, August 1, 2003 by Ed Hindson (Author)
  2. The Essence of the Old Testament: A Survey Hardcover – August 1, 2012 by Ed Hindson (Editor), Gary Yates (Editor)
  3. Old Testament Survey Notes Paperback – 2010 by ED Hindson


Oh, and I just searched online and found his course syllabus so that I would have a guide and be able to keep up.  Let me know if you need help finding that. So, I’m not getting any college credit for it but then again, I don’t need it.  This is a great way to get the knowledge and I can do it on my own schedule.  For example, I started this course right before I had surgery for a detached retina on June 1st, and since I am working at my own pace, I took off six weeks until I was ready to begin again.  Love having that flexibility! I hope this information blesses you as well!