Back to School Business

The school year has begun and it has been busy and exciting! These are just a few of the things that we have been doing in August and September.

Before the school year even started, the grandparents came to visit,


and we had our first field trip, which was a tour of Fort Sumter. I will post more pics of this interesting place later.


Then we helped Bekah’s brothers all move into new apartments.  Yes, I did say ALL of them. Chris and Sam moved into a new high-rise apartment in downtown Columbia.


Josh moved to Charlotte for a new job and a new apartment. While we were in Charlotte, NC, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shop at the IKEA.  Wow, what a huge store!


With all that traveling, we decided to try doing school on the road.  The Internet connection kept dropping though so next time she will probably just bring her books along to read.  You never know until you try, though!


We had to have our own Back to School Luau at home to start the year off right.


Then we had a homeschool support group kick-off which included over 200 families,


and Bekah already has her 8th grade school pictures back.


We are only a few weeks into the school year and Bekah has had a Teen Comics Club meeting and a Girls’ Game Night thanks to our wonderful support group.

Between lesson plans and grading tests, I have been organizing a local art club for Bekah, and volunteering on the board of our homeschool support group.


Below is a slide show of our first day of school pictures. Bekah’s school room is rockin’ this year with lots of new storage space for all her art supplies and projects.

Speaking of art, she is working on a new piece to enter in the State Fair this year.

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that anything at all can create a teachable moment and we can take the time to appreciate it. Just like this beautiful bug that landed on our house.  Bekah identified it as a cicada and then pointed out that he has five eyes, three simple and two compound.


We tried a new fruit, or at least it was new to us.  It is called a Dragon Fruit.  It is supposed to be good for you but we weren’t thrilled with the taste.


We identified several weeds in the backyard for Biology class.



One of my childhood friends came to visit and so we all went to a Japanese Ramen House.


Bekah loved the Japanese soda pop.  You had to push the cap down to release a marble into the top of the bottle before you could drink it.

2016-08-24-17-56-12    2016-08-24-18-04-15

We survived Tropical Storm Hermine.  We experienced a little wind and rain but that was about it.  They did close down all of the local schools and colleges for the day and so Bekah took the day to finish a book report that she needed to do.


Charleston Southern University had a “Homeschool Day” with a tailgate party and a football game so we enjoyed that.

2016-09-03-10-20-16  20160903_120552

Bekah had her first poetry quiz of the year.  I am impressed with her ability to memorize stuff.  I think it gets harder the older you get. 🙂

We had two awesome field trips this week! We went to Drayton Hall Plantation and Middleton Place Plantation.  I’ll be making posts about those trips soon with lots of pictures so stay tuned!

We only had the time and energy left to drop in on the Student Council Ice Cream Social but Bekah decided to join and her first meeting is on Monday.

Oh, and I almost forgot, she enjoyed her first Homeschool Art Club meeting on Friday and we had nineteen 11-17 year olds attending! Here’s her watercolor painting from the class.

art-class-teeny-tiny  2016-09-16-17-55-08

As you can see we hit the ground running this year! Hope your August and September have been wonderful as well!