I sat down this morning and decided that I was going to make myself write a blog post.  There are so many things that I could write to you about but I just didn’t know where to start.  So began a stream of consciousness kind of blog post that you see before you. I had to start somewhere so it might as well be here.

I could tell you about my writing efforts for the past year but it hasn’t been much to tell about.  I’ve been working on my memoirs off and on.  I wrote another chapter to Seagrass Island and outlined the next Secret Animal Agent book but haven’t finished anything at all.  I’m very disappointed in myself. I write in my journal often but that’s not anything that is ever going to be published.  I hope.  I haven’t given up on writing, I just haven’t been motivated lately to publish anything.

I had some health problems a few years back but most of those are under control.  I take Beta Blockers daily for my heart arrhythmia and it seems to be under control most of the time.  My hematologist told me that I should probably always take iron supplements for my anemia but it too is under control and back up to safe levels again. I had a retinal detachment in the summer of 2016 and I feel like I am finally adjusting to my loss of vision.  The hardest part of that was losing my ability to drive but I have come to terms with that now.   So basically, I am a pretty healthy person right now except for a little too much stress in my life at times and I am combatting that with exercise and healthy eating for the most part.

The majority of my time is spent homeschooling my daughter who is in 9th grade.  She is taking some advanced classes this year and I have been learning how to balance equations in Chemistry and solve quadratic formulas in Algebra 2.  Between her art competitions and National Homeschool Honor Society events, we are going to stay busy this school year.

I have a rather large aviary with eight budgies currently in residence and they are not difficult to care for but fun to watch.  It’s like having a big aquarium only you can hear and touch the fish.  Well, sort of.  They are very acrobatic.  I often call them my little monkey birds. Oh, and I also have a lemon beagle who gets very jealous if I give too much attention to the budgies and not him.  I created a page for my birds that you are welcome to like and see the latest pictures.

I started loom knitting this year and in fact finished my first project on New Year’s Day.  It is a very relaxing hobby and makes me feel like I am being productive.  I created a page for my loom knitting also.

I love to spend time with my children.  Last year, I talked them into going on family trips for each of their birthdays.  This year, I’ve convinced them to go camping with me.  Our 3rd camping trip is coming up soon.  These are the happiest times for me when I can get them all together.  I love to hear their voices and their laughter.

So this is some of what I have going on in my life.  Everything isn’t sunshine and roses.  But it helps to remember and focus on the positive things.  Count your blessings.  It really does help.

I hope that each and every one of you who took the time to read and care about what is going on in my life is able to find your own joy in the moments of your daily lives and count those as your blessings. Love and hugs to all!





  • Shelia K Shackelford

    Glad that things are going well.Keep it up
    God bless

  • So glad to hear from you again. Sounds like you are staying busy and being productive. I love your bird page. They are gorgeous! Your knitting looks fun and pretty, too. I guess you are learning a lot right along with Becca, too. I know you enjoy that. You are indeed a blessed person, Donna, and you are a blessing. Love ya.

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