School Visits and More

Newspaper Article

Contact me about visiting your school! I am happy to come in person to local schools. I can Skype with your classroom if you are very far from North Charleston, South Carolina. I would like to ask that students be given the opportunity to purchase my books and have them personally autographed. I am also available to meet with Scouts, 4H, Homeschool Co-ops and other groups as well. Contact me at for more information.

A possible schedule for a local school might be:
K – 2nd grade for thirty minutes followed by a thirty minute book signing.
3rd – 5th grade for thirty minutes followed by a thirty minute book signing.
I am flexible for tricky schedules.

After you book a visit, I would like to send you the following:

  • At least one of my books for you to preview with the students. They will be more connected during the visit if they are familiar with the material.
  • A promotional video for you to show students prior to the visit.
  • Author visit flyers for you to send home with the students 2 – 4 days prior to the visit.

As a former elementary and high school librarian, I know how important it is for students to read. Reading improves all areas of education. The more students read, the larger their vocabularies become and the more fluently they can speak and interact with others. Reading improves grades and test scores. Students who read for entertainment become more confident in their academic abilities. Reading boosts their intellect and their self-confidence. Anything that we can do to get students to read more and write more is a good thing. I would be happy to talk to your students about the importance of reading and then take them on a journey from beginning to end of how I wrote my books.