Why Would God Want Me?

Why Would God Want Me

Nick and Jasmine live next door to each other and go to the same school. Jasmine has been trying for quite a while to talk to Nick about church and God but Nick thinks Jasmine is just a “Bible thumper.” He isn’t convinced that God would ever love him because he isn’t perfect.
Are you important to God? Are you good enough for God? This short story answers questions that a lot of people struggle with. It is a must-read for kids ready to explore and enrich their faith.

22 pages, Color Illustrations, Ages 9 – 13, Font Size 16
Published July 9, 2014

This book was originally created especially to be used as a “give away” for a church event.  You can download the digital version FREE or you can buy a print copy of Why Would God Want Me? on Amazon.