About the Author


I have been writing since I was a child. In fact, I think I remember typing out a poem on an old-fashioned manual typewriter at the age of four, but I admit it could have been as late as eight.  Most of the poems and short stories that I have written up to the age of “now” are safely stored in the cedar hope chest that my brother and his friends in the FFA class at Delaplaine, Arkansas made for my 16th birthday. I have always had an affinity for books. Throughout high school, I worked as a student aide in the high school library.

When I was a student at Arkansas State University, a professor urged me to submit some short stories to various journals, which resulted in prompt rejection letters.  Undaunted, I completed my Bachelor of English Literature in 1992, then took some time off to be a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) in Jacksonville, Florida.  My student job in college was also working in a library.  I was an “assistant to the assistant to the dean” at the Dean B. Ellis Library at ASU.

Next came a few years in Keflavik, Iceland, where I spent a lot of time reading and served as an ombudsmen for the United States Navy. When I moved back to the states I decided to go to school to get my library degree. I got my Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina in 2000, and worked for a couple of years as a high school librarian in Colleton County, South Carolina.  I then spent a few years in Spain where I did some volunteer work for the American Red Cross as their library liaison, and in 2004 returned to South Carolina to stay. For the next six years I worked again as an elementary and high school librarian in Colleton County, and then transferred to a high school library position in Dorchester County for four years. I have written grants, held book fairs and hosted poetry slams. I have set on committees, mentored students and attended more training than I can remember. I have taught classes, organized book clubs, and purchased and processed many, many books.

During the twelve years that I spent as a librarian, I did ghost writing for magazines and advertisements on the side because I could not stop writing. The part that I loved most about being a school librarian was being able to help students find books that they enjoyed reading. I finally came to the realization that I wanted to make the books instead of just handing them out. I needed more time to write and the opportunity presented itself in 2014.

I was featured in the SCASL Messenger in September of 2014 at the debut of my new writing career. (SCASL = South Carolina Association of School Librarians)

Scasl Article Sept 2014


I enjoy reading children’s books, young adult books, classics, science fiction, romances, Christian romances, historical fiction, cookbooks, self-help books, mysteries, poetry and magazines. When I’m not reading, writing, editing or publishing my own books, I enjoy watching TV shows such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Midsomer Mysteries and Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

My other part-time job is homeschooling my daughter.  I love it because I can offer her a superior education, a healthier environment, and the time and opportunity for her to pursue her interests in art. I have employed the use of private, public and homeschooling for all four of my children and each have their pluses and minuses. I always try to do what is best for each child at that particular time in their lives. Homeschooling is a great fit for our family right now!

My favorite foods and drinks are frozen fruit bars, fudgsicles, crock pot meals, and lots of decaf coffee. During time away from writing, I stay busy with all sorts of church activities, home improvement projects, gardening, reading, art, loom knitting, cooking, and cleaning (but only because it has to be done). When out-and-about, I love going camping at state parks and visiting beaches, and historic landmarks. Of course, I devote a lot of my time to my husband who is an eccentric history professor and my four amazing children and it doesn’t really matter that three of them have left the nest, they still keep me busy. Oh and my pets, they occupy my time too.  I have a lemon pocket beagle who won’t fit in my pocket and half a dozen parakeets.  We are hoping for baby parakeets next year!